Tuesday, November 27, 2012


remember how i ate thanksgiving at sizzler? yup, i did. it was truly an american thanksgiving. or something like that. 

one of the reasons that my grandma wanted to go to sizzler for thanksgiving is because she reportedly eats turkey all year long and she just wanted a nice steak for thanksgiving. so we went to sizzler and all got steaks. (did i mention she had coupons to sizzler? truly truly american)

so for my thanksgiving, i ate steak. remember when i was a vegetarian for a long time? my vegetarian self was rolling around in the grave when i ate this bad boy.

it turns out that after all that fuss about the coupons and wanting steak and going to sizzler, my grandma didn't even like it. go figure. although their soft serve vanilla ice cream was a big hit with all of us.

so that was that. but we did have an actual "traditional" thanksgiving at my house on friday. complete with yams with the marshmallows on top and the green jello with grated cheese and stuffing. that's what my plate consisted of. it was good and i loved it and worth one meal of sizzler food.

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