Wednesday, November 14, 2012

goodbye, world.

i'm committing social suicide. by necessity. 

i'm not even taking hard classes this semester, and yet i'm still struggling to keep up with everything! i think it's mainly because i'm without a doubt the world's slowest paper writer ever. everything has to be perfect and word-vomit is never allowed, because i think that would end up being dangerous. so the result is me spending hours on one page. seriously, it took me 2 straight hours of hard work to write three quarters of a page today. yikes. and when all of your classes require research papers, that makes time an issue.

i will be emerging from my homework cocoon as soon as i've officially finished the following projects:

1. chronic disease advocacy research report on alzheimer's disease

2. chemistry lab practical exam (aka potions class - mix chemicals and see what happens. except this time i have to figure out what mystery chemical is in my potions flask)

3. technical communication oral presentation on obesity treatments

4. infectious disease research paper on transmittable skin infections (weirdest topic ever)

5. a 5 page new testament paper on galatians

6.  my research paper on obesity, inefficiency of traditional dieting, treatment policy, etc... (aka my baby - i've been working hard on this all semester!!)

7. bio 100 challenge exam (yeah, due to weird circumstances and nursing applications, i have to have bio 100 posted on my transcript by the end of this semester. surprise to me! i have until dec 6 to finish studying all 38 chapters and take the challenge exam. thankfully i've learned most everything of the stuff already, i just have to mega-review everything)

so i guess i'll be peacing out for a little while. i'll come up to breathe every once in a while, hopefully to eat, definitely to sleep. 

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