Thursday, November 1, 2012

gotta love PY

i was at the dermatologist's office this morning. he started off this conversation:

      "where are you from again?"

      "i grew up in montana."

       *silence* "hmm... well then what in the world did you do there that gave you so much sun damage?"

       "oh. well, that was for sure from serving a mission in paraguay. the sun is extra hot there."

this is where he started going off on a rant about the church missionary system and how they don't encourage missionaries to use sunscreen and about how he needs to personally do something about it. he continues by saying...

      "well, your neck's sun damage looks like mine. the only difference is that i'm 71 and so i have about 50 years on you and i spent every summer of those extra 50 years in the alaskan outdoors."

why thank you doctor, for telling me that my neck looks like a 70 year old's! it's not my fault that i served a mission in the hottest place ever, where i swear the sun was closer to the earth than normal. also, why did i ever think it was cool to tan in high school? curse you, peer pressure!

think twice about not wearing sunscreen, my friends. since i've been home, it is my best friend. even if it's not hot outside. you don't want your old man dermatologist telling you that you're all sun damaged and shriveled. (okay, he didn't say shriveled...) but still!

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