Monday, December 3, 2012

i'm a big kid now.

reasons i know i'm growing up. (or something like that...)

1. i have officially registered for my last semester of classes. get a load of my classes - injury and violence prevention, disaster response and emergency prep, occupational health and safety, women's health issues, and international health. it's gonna be an amaaaaazing last semester.

2. my graduation application is officially accepted. i'm graduating in april!

3. i am in the process of applying to post-grad nursing programs. well, to one at least (university of utah). my back-up list is giving me a hard time and i'm not quite done deciding what other schools to apply to even though i've been researching schools for a few YEARS now. geeeeeez.

4. i'm a morning person. kind of. i know this makes me officially a grown up because i used to always think that the day i actually liked getting up and getting ready and leaving to be at work and/or class every single day before 8 am was the day that i was old. i guess that day has come...

5. i no longer enjoy listening to screamo-type music. that actually makes me very happy. 

6. i like listening to the news. NPR is an almost daily staple. i feel like that makes me old and i know my 19 year old self probably would have thrown up on my 23 year old self. 

well, anyway. 
it's good to grow up. but just because i'm getting a little older and maybe a tiny bit wiser doesn't mean i've got things figured out. haaaa... if anyone does, let me know. 

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