Monday, May 7, 2012

the one where i talk logisitics


is there anything else that makes you quite as happy? i mean, peanut butter and pedicures rate up there pretty high, but think about it - summertime means green grass, long runs on the provo river trail, flip-flops and shorts. it means the farmer's market is open. school's out (well, for some). it means swimming and being outside and vacations and lightning bugs (well, not in provo) and camping and hanging out with friends every night.

since this is the first summer i will be spending entirely in provo, i decided to up its epicness by creating a provo summer BUCKET LIST!!!

are you ready for this?? (*insert 90s jock jam music here*)

  • run 412 miles
  • learn how to play the guitar
  • learn how to longboard
  • go on vacation with my family
  • volunteer
  • warped tour
  • go camping
  • train for grand teton relay (aug) in preparation for the las vegas ragnar (nov)
  • start a blog
okay, well that's all for now. if there's any other fun things that i should do, someone please tell me so that summer 2012 is the most best ever.

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