Friday, April 27, 2012

the one where i just started

this is it!

i made a blog!

if i would have told myself 3 years ago that i would have a blog, i'd think i were crazy. (sometimes i probably am)

but it turns out that ever since i got back from my mission, i've noticed how opinionated i am. and as a part of my bucket list (don't worry, i'll get there soon) i have decided to share my opinionated-ness to a broader, more public audience.

so here you go, meet me!

i'm kallie.

i'm a public health major at byu.
that's my mom and i at byu

my major emphasis is environmental health, which i think is really important.

i served an 18-month, lds mission to paraguay, south america.
typical day - walking down a dusty road eating something

i like running, it's fun!
slc half marathon

i like eating as little processed, unhealthy food as possible. (except when it comes to cheetos, my one downfall)


i'm a semi-vegetarian. i think that technically makes me a flexitarian.

i try to be environmentally conscious; let's save the world, yah?

i'm not talking about crazy extremes here, just doing a little part

i have one year left until a i graduate from byu. then i plan on attending post-grad nursing school to get an accelerated bachelor's degree in nursing. where? um, i still don't know that, but i have a few options. and options are good! i'm going to school all over the summer, but i've also made a bucket list for the summer, which will be disclosed on an upcoming blog post. 

until then, i'm going to let my brain have a little rest before i have to hunker down and study some more. 

this is where we part. but stay tuned for a fun journey.


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