Sunday, May 20, 2012

the one where we hiked

so you know that awkward moment when you realize your mom (who you love dearly) has just told one of your friends (who happens to be a new guy friend) a really embarrassing story about you??

i'm sure i'm not the first one it's happened to, but it was pretty awesome either way.

so this last saturday, my dear mother was in town and she had never climbed the Y. we decided it was time to change that, so early on saturday my mother and i and two other friends drive up to the Y parking lot, ready to hike the 12 or so steep switchbacks.

we get up to the top. it's awesome, mainly due to the fact that you know you did it, more than the fact that the view is awesome, because honestly, it's the exact same view from the parking lot. nothing too exciting.

anyway, we're on the way down and from previous experience i know that walking down is especially painful on my knees, just because of the steepness and what not. controlled-running down is my preferred method of de-scaling the mountain. and because i know my mom, i knew she'd be 100% totally okay with my running down with one of my friends that came with me. i'll call this friend friend a. but friend b (a fairly new guy friend), being the incredibly nice guy he is (more of my thoughts on that will come -- turns out, there's such a thing as being too nice), decides to stay with my mom and walk down the mountain with her.

so we parted; friend a with me and friend b with mi madre. which i should have known wasn't the best idea.

later that day when i was with my mom going grocery shopping, i remembered that she had a good 20 minutes with this boy. i was curious as to what she talked about with him. she told me that they talked about his schooling. how he's planning on going medical school and so my mom naturally talked about how it was when my dad went through medical school. she even mentioned the fact that my dad got to deliver lots of babies during his residency rotations, which led to how he got to deliver me. and how i was the last baby he delivered.

cute, right?!?


and then she mentioned about how when i was born, my dad thought i had some sort of congenital malformation, like a brain abnormality or cleft palate or something along those special lines.


haahaa, i laughed out loud, whether out of embarrassment or shock or just because the situation is so darn comedic, i'm not sure, but i definitely laughed.

just one of those funny things that happens. and it's totally fine, totally funny, but hopefully it totally never happens again.

oh and by the way, it turns out that i'm completely fine - no brain abnormality, no cleft palate, nothing. maybe i'm a little bit special, but that makes me awesome, right?!

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