Sunday, November 3, 2013

there are very few things that bring my family as much joy as neil diamond's christmas album. i don't even know how it happened, but somehow this became the first album we would listen to on the day after thanksgiving while we were putting up the christmas tree. always. 

 my little missionary brother specifically mentioned in an email that he was celebrating the fourth of july by listening to neil diamond's christmas album (he's a good boy and wouldn't have a regular album). he said he couldn't think of anything more american than neil. 

also a few months ago my little missionary brother wrote me in response to a few things i was complaining about and he said and i quote "when life gets hard to handle, Neil." wow, as i was typing that out just now, i just got the double meaning. oh, carson, you are witty. how did i miss that before?

i busted out his christmas album today in honor of the first snow. 'tis the season! 

anyway, let us pay homage to the man who defines americanism and without whom, the christmas season just wouldn't be complete.

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