Thursday, November 14, 2013

flesh-eating drugs

'tis the season for peppermint soymilk steamers from starbucks. it's like drinking a liquid molten candy cane. it's like pure christmas spirit in a beverage.

the radio station 100.3 is only playing christmas music. kudos to them for not giving into the whole you-can't-play-christmas-music-until-after-thanksgiving idea. 

do not google image the term 'krokodil drugs'. gross. we learned about it in my policy class last week (a giant tangent). it's a drug for people who have passed the point of meth being a strong enough drug for them. it comes from russia and it's brutal. you inject it and the side effects are.... flesh necrosis. usually at the point of injection. first your skin turns hard. hence the name, krokodil. but then, flesh necrosis. yeah, your skin literally falls off. often to the bone. there's like a 90% mortality rate.

i know this is all so random, but that's my life, baby. 

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