Monday, October 29, 2012


remember how i haven't posted in like 50 kabillion years?? yeah, that was not intentional. what can i say? life is busy! but i'm back with a motivational monday post.

so, a not well known fact about me is that i love NPR. seriously, national public radio is the best ever. one of my favorite weekly programs is the 'wait wait don't tell me' news quiz. one of the quizzes from a few weeks ago talked about an actual study performed in japan about workers and internet cat videos.

yeah, you read right. cat videos.

the study showed a positive correlation between watching cat videos and work-place productivity.

my first question why in the world would someone watch cat videos, was quickly followed by why in the world would somebody run a study about cat videos.

but enough with the questions. here's to greater workplace productivity and a happy monday! enjoy!

if that's not motivational, then i don't know what is...

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