Friday, July 13, 2012

the one that's black and blue

hoooooooooooooly cow, have i got a story for you. and even better, i have a picture to supplement my brain ramblings.

so as some of you might know, i'm training for a marathon (see here). it should be epic. as such, i was running the other night. it's about 10 pm and i'm almost done with my little five mile run. i'm running on canyon road in provo, heading home. at night, canyon road is pretty quiet. there's no cars or other people, except for this one rogue car that comes speeeeeeding down the road.

i'm assuming the people in the car thought it would be funny to throw something at the two runners just trying to get their run in. so they (those punks, whoever they were) roll down their window and throw a paper mcdonald's cup at us (i'm running with a friend, if that wasn't clear). they threw a CUP FULL OF WATER AT US!!!

i, being the one closer to the street, took the bullet and got hit by the cup on the back of my leg. okay, so you're probably thinking to yourself, wow... you got hit by a paper cup. how tragic. (that's dripping in sarcasm, btw)

but hey, don't forget that the car was going way fast and a cup full of water thrown out of a car at high speeds hits you LIKE A FREAKING BRICK.

all i remember thinking right after it hit me was:

  1. wow, that hurt.
  2. wow, that's going to bruise.
  3. who in the world does that?
  5. seriously?

anyway, before i go to bed that night, it's definitely got a good lump the shape of the bottom of a cup and a tiny hint of a blue bruise showing up. the next morning... we'll just say it got exponentially worse overnight. one day later, it's still getting worse. 

so i bet you're dying now to see what happens to your leg when it gets hit by a flying fast-food paper object at high speeds. 

it might be the worst bruise i've ever had. and the picture doesn't quite do it justice. it's bad.

this is the medial side of my left leg. if you couldn't tell.

so once again i ask, who in the world does that? seriously??!!


  1. kallie!! ahh that looks awful. are you ok?! also i loved how you used the term "medial." so great.

  2. You're right Kallie, it does look terrible and I'm sure that it's sore. Hope it doesn't stop your training.

  3. Oh my goodness! Who would have thought? How's the training going? Love u!

  4. That's horrible! Apparently those people are pretty clueless. Hope it heals quickly!