Monday, December 16, 2013

happy monday!


for several reasons.

a) it's christmastime. the savior, the bread of life, was born and placed into a feeding trough. symbolic, no?

b) i got offered a job that i interviewed for a few weeks ago. while it will most likely kill any semblance of a social life that i try to have, it will be an amazing learning experience.

c) i took my pathophysiology final this morning, effectively finishing my second semester of nursing school. two semesters down, only two left until i'm a bonafide nurse.

d) today i got to meet and talk with patients on the oncology unit at primary children's medical center. i colored in a princess coloring book with an angelic hairless child. 

how fitting it is to say, in all caps to emphasize my point, HALLELUJAH. 

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