Tuesday, October 29, 2013

meet the new roommates.

We had a ward gathering at my apartment recently. I was in charge of introducing myself and my two other roommates. Oh boy, it was fun. It was intro a la statistics style. For your pleasure...

between us 3, we have had 74 roommates. 
we've lived in 20 different apartments, 7 different states.
we have 3 bachelor's degrees from BYU and are all now enrolled at U of U.
we took 442 credits and 26 religion classes total at BYU.
collectively, we have been playing the piano for 45 years!! whaaat??
we've served 3 missions, to 2 countries (canada and paraguay)
combined, we've had 39 companions and served in 16 different areas.
we've had 24 different callings since we started college.
we've done ordinances in 20 different temples.
we've visited 4 different continents and 15 countries.
we own 31 scarves, 84 pairs of shoes, and 62 tubes of chapstick/lipgloss/lipstick - 45 of which are owned by one person -- take a wild guess. yup, that'd be me.
just 2 broken bones - both pinkie bones.
3 surgeries - 1 each.
we've run 2 5Ks, 1 10 mile race, 4 half marathons, and 1 ragnar. actually, that was all 1 person. there's only 1 runner in the house.
together we've had 7 boyfriends ranging from semi-serious to pretty dang serious.
we've kissed 18 boys. 2 of us actually kissed the same boy, back before we even knew each other. small world, right??

i love my living situation right now. i'm so lucky to be with such great friends. it's a riot every single night!

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  1. I loved your introduction of the roommates! You are a good writer - I think it runs in the family - kids that is - I have problems writing a comment.